Mom Left Husky’s Water Bowl Empty For 2 Mins, So He Complains About Her “Abuse”

Zeus the Husky is quite an internet celebrity owing to his “extra-stubborn” and “vocal” personality.

The headstrong boy is never shy to express his roller-coaster of emotions, which means there’s always a touch of drama when he is around.

Source: Zeus The Stubborn Husky/Youtube

In this video, we see Zeus’ single-minded obsession to stay hydrated. Zeus has already slurped up the remaining water from his bowl, and now he wants more.

But instead of simply alerting Mom about the water scarcity, Zeus chooses to throw a massive fit. He places his forelegs inside the bowl, and begins howling and screaming at the top of his lungs!

Source: Zeus The Stubborn Husky/Youtube

Mom comes running to Zeus and immediately understands that he needs water. She picks up the bowl and proceeds to wash it before the refill, but Zeus is still disappointed.

He keeps admonishing her for her “neglect”, while Mom plays along and accepts that the neighbors should report her for “abuse”!

Source: Zeus The Stubborn Husky/Youtube

As Zeus’ protests linger on, his German Shepherd brother, Kaden, comes in with a ball to lighten the atmosphere. But Zeus ignores him and makes it known that he’s in no mood to compromise.

Source: Zeus The Stubborn Husky/Youtube

Mom eventually manages to refill the dish and place it before Zeus. He calms down as he thirstily gulps the water and forgets all about his temper tantrum.

He’s just relieved that he narrowly avoided “dehydration”. What a sassy character!

Click the video below to watch thirsty Zeus’ mega temper tantrum as he whines about Mom’s “neglect”!

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