Good Samaritan Intervenes To Help Panting Dog Stuck In Hot Car

Zoey Thornton was at the grocery store when she saw people gathering around a vehicle in the parking lot.

She learned there was a dog left behind and trapped in the hot car panting heavily in the extreme heat.

Store employees were told about the situation, but a half an hour would pass without the owners coming forward.

Source: Zoey Thornton/Facebook

So a Good Samaritan came along to do what had to be done. Zoey recorded as the man smashed the vehicle’s window to be able to get to the dog.

The poor thing was so thirsty, and the kind people tried finding a cooler spot in the shade for him right away.

Source: Zoey Thornton/Facebook

The police arrived and had no issue with what the man did to save the dog, and they gave the owners a warning when they finally returned to their car.

These laws can vary state to state, but calling 911 first is always a safe bet.

People somehow continue to leave their pets alone in hot vehicles without understanding the consequences, so we have to do our part to help spread awareness!

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