Employees At Zoo Put Rottweiler In Cage To Replace Wolf That Died Of “Old Age”

A visitor to the Xiangwushan Zoo in Xianning, Hubei province in China recently posted a short but powerful video on social media of something alarming he saw at the zoo.

Not long after sharing the video, animal lovers began to question the zoo’s intent and wondered why they would put a domesticated dog into a zoo enclosure.

Source: VESA Channel/YouTube

As visitors to the zoo passed an enclosure that once housed a wolf, they were surprised to see a Rottweiler dog instead. The poor dog sat all alone in the cage, which had a sign in front of it that said “wolf” in Chinese.

The park also houses lions and tigers, but the U.S. Sun reported they were told by local forestry to remove the sign that leads to the “wolf” enclosure.

Some people were very angry when they saw the video on social media while others found the situation to be humorous.

“At least get a husky,” one person shared to a Chinese website, referencing how a Husky more closely resembles a wolf. Some folks chimed in they were glad to learn the Rottweiler wasn’t being fed to the wolf.

Source: Linda Kazares/Unsplash

A zoo employee confirmed a wolf was living in the cage but recently died of old age, so the Rottweiler was put in his place. The employee also shared the dog was only being kept in the cage at the zoo “temporarily.”

H/T: U.S. Sun, BBC News

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