Cops Hunt Down 24 Sinister Arsonists Who Deliberately Set The Australian Fires

A staggering 480 million animals have lost their lives in the all-consuming Australian bushfires.

As the fires continue to rage on with catastrophic consequences, the officers at New South Wales Police have reported a disturbing fact – many of these fires were set-off deliberately by humans.


Posted by The Traveller on Friday, January 3, 2020


Cops have revealed that they are charging at least 24 people for intentionally starting fires in the New South Wales region.

Apart from that, cops are investigating 183 people, 40 of them being juveniles, who have committed various fire-related offenses during the bushfire season.

53 people have failed to comply with a total fire ban while 47 others discarded a lit cigarette that triggered the fires.

Punishments for arson-related offenses range from minor cautions to up to 21 years in prison. 25 people have already perished in the fires while civil property and animal habitats have also been scorched.

Meanwhile, animal activists have updated that many of the rescued animals are so severely burnt that their survival chances look bleak.


The drained and weary firefighters are still working tirelessly to contain the 130 active bushfires across New South Wales and hundreds more across Australia.

The trail of destruction doesn’t seem to end, but many of these could have been avoided. Let’s put the word out so that none of the arsonists can escape!

Click the video below to watch how the mischievous arsonists triggered several bushfires.

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