8 Near-Magical “Sixth Sense” Dogs Possess

Sixth Sense #2: Pregnancy

Many women have reported that their dogs suddenly become more attentive and protective when they’re expecting. Often, they will also begin to escort you to places. From time to time, they may also nuzzle and sniff your belly, and rest their heads on it.

Again, their ability to detect bodily changes can be credited to their powerful sense of smell. When a woman is pregnant, her body chemistry — and, as a result, her distinct odor — shifts. And in some cases, dogs may feel threatened, or isolated, by the new addition in your home.

To prepare them for the baby, experts recommend that you show them a special place that belongs uniquely to them, and spend some time each day taking them there. Establishing a gentle, loving routine with them, and continuing this routine even after the baby is born, is extremely important.

Bella the Boxer Won’t Let Melina the Newborn Baby Cry Alone.. Such a Sweet Reaction..

boxer responds to baby cry

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