8 Near-Magical “Sixth Sense” Dogs Possess

Sixth Sense #5: Animosity Between Humans


Dogs can also keenly sense when we don’t like other people. We’ll often find that they take cues from our body language, and infer our feelings toward other people in that way. Often, they will feel protective over us if they perceive other people as a threat.

When we feel or display emotions such as love, the chemicals dopamine and serotonin are released into our systems. A chemical reaction of these chemicals produces sensations of joy and happiness. Likewise, chemicals are released in the body in response to thoughts of dislike, irritation, hatred, etc.

Just like they can expertly sniff out the chemicals associated with diseases, dogs are able to detect these changes in emotion. If you have noticed surprising changes in your dog’s behavior, it might be closely tied to your own reactions.

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