8 Near-Magical “Sixth Sense” Dogs Possess

Sixth Sense #8: Labor


Many women have reported that their dogs behave differently, and more restlessly, during their labor. Studies have speculated that anything from transitions in physical actions to special scents from the woman in labor can tip off the dog.

When meeting other dogs or humans for the first time, our canine companions immediate go for the nether regions and the armpits. This is because those places most actively house our sweat glands, which secret pheromones. Dogs use pheromones to “guide” them about someone’s disposition and feelings.

Dogs are also known to sniff women a lot when they’re ovulating, because pheromones emitted during that time are stronger than they are at other times. Similarly, dogs can detect the heightened differences in our scents, given off at different periods in our lives.

Which one of these dog intuitions were you the most surprised by? Let us know in the comments below!

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