Baby Elephant Is Abandoned By His Herd. Now Watch Who Shows Up Behind. Wow!

Ellie the elephant had a pretty tough start to life after he was rejected by his herd at just a few hours old. 

He was given little chance of survival.

Elephants are herd animals and loneliness can prove very hard on them. This was certainly the case for Ellie. He became depressed.

But, the little elephant has rallied thanks to round-the-clock care from staff at South Africa’s Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, and the friendship of a dog called Duma.

After he was found on his own in a very poorly condition back in September, and following numerous attempts to reunite him with his family, Ellie went to live at the Rhino orphanage.

He received months of care from Karen Trendler and her staff at the orphanage for various life-threatening infections, documented by Earth Touch.

Ellie is now a strong, healthy baby elephant. When he gets big enough, it will try to let him out in the open again. Hopefully, a flock will be willing to take him in, as is often the case.

Unfortunately, Duma will not be able to follow him when the time comes, but I’m sure that Ellie will remember his friend for life. As we know, elephants have excellent memories.

Take a look at the video below to watch the two friends play together. Not even sure why, but this simply beautiful story brought tears to my eyes!

From the bottom of my heart, good luck in the future, Ellie!

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