Adorable baby foxes show up at grandma’s house, turn her porch into their playground

A Reddit user named “Vechrotex” recently posted a picture of a baby fox adorably posing at the doorstep of his grandmother’s home. The Illinois resident gladly shared multiple photos of baby foxes, claiming that fox-sightings are common in his grandma’s forest area residence.


Source: Vechrotex/Reddit


For the past few days, Grandma’s front porch has become a spacious playground for the fox siblings. Mama Fox is often seen lurking around in the bushes, keeping an eye on her little ones from afar. When their playtime is over, mama fox comes forward and guides her babies back home.

Grandma is so used to the red-haired fox family’s regular visits that she ends up taking multiple pictures of the frolicking fox cubs in action. Baby foxes are known to have a very fun-loving and curious nature, which explains why they peep into Grandma’s house every once in a while!


Source: Vechrotex/Reddit


Since the original post went massively viral, user Vechrotex uploads new updates on the baby foxes every few days. Vechrotex and his grandma love the cute wild company of the playful foxes, and are glad to have spread so many smiles with this cute fox adventure. We all fancy a house by the forests now, don’t we?

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