Orphaned Baby Sloths Are Admitted As “Preschoolers” In Nurturing Rehab Sanctuary

The Toucan Rescue Ranch was initially established to conserve the various species of toucans in Costa Rica.

But soon, the workers realized that they could branch out and help other distressed wildlife with meticulously formed programs.

The rescue soon turned their attention to the many orphaned baby sloths perishing in the region.

Source: Toucan Rescue Ranch/Youtube

The area’s adult sloths often succumb to car accidents, electrocution, dog attacks and deforestation, making their young ones vulnerable in the wild.

When the workers saw that the baby sloths die because they cannot fend for themselves in the wild, they decided to launch a unique “schooling” program to train such helpless babies.

Through this special program, the newly rescued baby sloths enter the sanctuary as naive “preschoolers”.

They are first taught to navigate tree branches with the help of rocking chairs and ropes.

Once they are strong enough, they move to the “high school” program where they receive more complex training to survive in the wild. That’s just genius!

Source: Toucan Rescue Ranch/Youtube

Each rescued baby sloth takes around 2 years to complete the program.

When they receive final behavior and health checks, they are transferred to a pre-release enclosure to ensure that they are forest-ready.

Finally, the “graduated” sloths are released into the wild in packs!

Source: Toucan Rescue Ranch/Youtube

Thanks to this brilliant program, the sloths are confident of their survival skills in their natural habitat.

The best part is that the sloths don’t have to live as captives, and are free to follow their natural instincts! Kudos to this wonderful bunch of rescuers!

Click the video below to watch how the hardworking workers prepare the orphaned baby sloths for a life in the wild!

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