Callous CEOs Are Building A Facility To Breed Dogs To Abuse In Medical Testing

Animal testing is one of the cruelest acts that individuals and corporations can commit. Acquiring and abusing animals in order to test products, medicines, and treatments is truly abhorrent act — and completely unnecessary.

Yet, the Village of Spring Green may still approve a dog breeding facility that would breed Beagles in order to sell them to institutions conducting medical research.

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Puppy mills are disgusting enough (and there are plenty of those who don’t support purebred animal breeders), but the “breeding facility” crosses a line that’s heartbreaking. They simply want to mass produce animals that would be routinely tortured.

Even an attorney for the facility, Michael Curran, confirmed that “it is expected that the animals will go to institutions conducting medical studies for the benefit of humans and animals.” The businesses involved know what will happen to the innocent animals, but are still expecting to go along with the creation of the facility.

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The Village of Spring Green Chairman Joel Marcus was not originally aware of the intentions to use the Beagles in a testing facility when the permit was initially presented.

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“I have to admit I felt blindsided. I did not have this information beforehand,” the chairman said via Channel 3000. “So we immediately put those questions to the Kanes, and they did admit that the purpose of their operation is to raise dogs for medical research.”

Source: PETA / YouTube

Those responsible for the construction of the facility claim that everything would be legal and meet the safety standards required in the United States, but are still facing outrage over what they want to do.

The community doesn’t support the facility plans, mainly due to ethical concerns. A woman by the name of Dawn Kabot would even sell her property that is adjacent to the facility it is built. “I am totally opposed for the use of animals for any reason to benefit humans,” she said.

Animals are not the toys and play things of human beings; creating a facility just in order to mass produce dogs that would face a lifetime of abuse is truly monstrous — and something needs to stop the permit from going through.

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