Bound in chains that outweighed her, no one heard her little cries for help

Andie was just a 10-week-old puppy living amid piles of junk and trash while bound by heavy chains. But her life is completely different now—just watch! 😊

117 thoughts on “Bound in chains that outweighed her, no one heard her little cries for help

  1. I’m glad she got rescued but here’s the thing people dogs are not meant to be put on chains and just put out in your yard to be decorating or to be guard dogs or anything like that. God gave us them as souls to help us through life. If you don’t want to have a dog inside your house spending your life with you don’t get one. and for god sakes don’t let them run free when you let them outside too many get lost or hit by a car or something else. This makes me sick I’m so glad Peta stepped in

  2. How cruel is that!! The people who treated that poor puppy that way should be fined enormously and treated the same way let them suffer in the heat for awhile and put them on a list to never get a dog again !!! I Hate people like that oh and what about the neighbors were they deaf!

  3. we have dogs to love and spoil for life, why did this person want to have a puppy to chain it up and just leave it its abuse and the owner should have been charged, I’m glad Andie has found a loving home

  4. This is so sad got a big chain on a lit fur baby… I’m so sick of these poor lit fur baby beening beat ears cut off big chain on lit dogs are starve to deathall this$#%&!@*is uncalled for if you can’t take care of a dog don’t get one. Stay the$#%&!@*away from them…

  5. For the people asking why she’s in chains, they probably wanted her as a fighting dog and that’s a way to get them to gain muscle. As for PETA, they kill most of the dogs they “save” but thankfully this one made it.

  6. God I hate people. This was the order of my news feed today, dog left outside to freeze, dog tied up outside shelter in snowstorm, beautiful abused pit abused move to kill list need confirmed hold or will die today, golden retriever surrendered available now in jeopardy next 3 shelter full, female dog recently pregnant found tied to a pole no puppies to be found, bag of puppies found alive floating in an icy river (not the puppies from other story), need donations for a puppy with a broken back, 200,000 bees killed, and this post. This is what I scrolled through one after the other.$#%&!@*people, the majority of you suck and don’t deserve to breathe air. Stop hurting animals.

  7. Unfortunately Satan rules this World and why there so much evil and suffering but soon that will come to an end when Jesus returns and I’m ready and I’m sure all these precious animals are also

  8. Put that chain around that owners neck and leave him out in the sun. Unless punishments fit the crime this sort of thing will keep on happening. There is so much human evil and ignorance out there that needs to be cleaned up.

  9. I hate seeing videos and pictures of these poor dogs. How are people this cruel? It makes me sick to my stomach knowing there are so many awful people in this world. Thank heaven for the angels who rescue these poor babies. I’m a firm believer that the scum that do this should deserve exactly the same punishment they give these animals.

  10. This is disgusting. I would put the owners in chains in the hot sun and see how they like it. They would be crying within a few minutes. This is no way to treat an animal even if they are fed and given water. Dogs need love and care. They are not meant to live on the end of a chain or isolated in a yard.

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