Dog Locks Herself Out Of House At 2AM, Uses Her Nose To Ring The Doorbell Twice

Like every other day, owners Robert and Angelia Fox had locked the doors of their house in McDonough, Georgia, and retired to bed for the night.

They had no idea that Chika, their sweet Labrador mix, had gone out for a stroll and was accidentally stranded outside in the cold!

Source: Caters Video/YouTube

Chika waited for hours for her owners to realize that she’s missing and open the doors to let her in.

At 2AM, she finally understood that her owners are probably fast asleep, oblivious to her unintended “crisis”. It finally struck her to ring the doorbell and alert her owners!

In a footage recorded by the security camera, we see Chika walking up to the doorbell with a plan in her mind. She stands on her hind legs and diligently uses her nose to reach the buzzer.

She successfully rings the doorbell with her nose and waits patiently. She then rings the doorbell a second time!

Source: Caters Video/YouTube

Robert and Angelia were initially confused when they heard the doorbell so late in the night. It didn’t take them much time to realize that something was wrong.

They panicked and opened the door, but never expected to find Chika waiting for them patiently! They let her in and she spent the rest of the night blissfully in her warm bed.

What a smart good girl!

Click the video below to watch Chika using her smarts to rescue herself!

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