Scumbags Tie Fireworks To Dog And Light Him Up After He Approaches Them For Food


Some incidents of animal abuse fill us with absolute rage and disgust toward the human race – this is one such story.

A dog named Demetrio was recently found dying on the streets of Puerto Rico after being mowed down by a car.

However, it was when a local rescue group took him in that they realized the extreme levels of torture and agony endured by the innocent soul.

Source: Rabito Kontento/Facebook

Once a vet team examined Demetrio, they understood that majority of his wounds were not because of the car accident, but something far more sinister.

Apparently, some malicious thugs had tied firecrackers to Demetrio’s testicles and set them alight.

The injuries were several weeks old, indicating that the helpless pooch had dragged his paralyzed body on the streets all this time – but no one bothered to help him.

With his critical wounds going untreated for such a long time, Demetrio’s organs were bordering on shut down by the time he was found.

His scrotum was full of worms due to the spreading necrotic infection, which in turn caused him to lose all mobility.

To make matters worse, his fractured spine was found to be inoperable, while his Heartworm positive diagnosis compromised his recovery chances.

Source: Rabito Kontento/Facebook

As of now, Demetrio is being kept on strong pain and antibiotics medications. His suffering is so bad he has to be sedated every time the medics need to examine him.

The staff is hoping that he shows some movement once his inflammation is brought under control. But despite his unimaginable misery, the pitiful pooch is exceedingly kind toward his caretakers.

Demetrio is at the risk of succumbing to heart failure and severe lung disease, among other things, and his rescuers are praying for a miracle every day.

If you wish to contribute to his medical expenses, you can visit the shelter’s website here.

Source: Rabito Kontento/Facebook

As for the rotten scum-on-earth who abused Demetrio, there has been no word on any leads yet. It is being speculated that the suspect(s) gained his trust with food, before fixing firecrackers on his genitals.

We are gutted by this perverse and obnoxious act of cruelty. Let’s stand by Demetrio’s side and help him find justice. Spread the word.

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