Dogs wait in car – their impatient behavior leaves passerby cracking up

One balmy November day in 2015, Melissa Bailey was walking to her car in a Pennsylvania parking lot when another vehicle pulled up beside her and parked.

After the driver exited the car, and he and Bailey chatted a bit about the four dogs still inside.

I told their human they sure looked happy,” Bailey says in the description of her original video post on YouTube.

They weren't so happy a few minutes later, however, when they seemed to tire of waiting for their human to return from shopping; one of the terriers began incessantly honking the car's horn.

Bailey's video captures 41 seconds of the impatient dog behavior.

With his paws on the steering wheel and a collar that looks very much like a tie, the terrier looked for all the world like a canine commuter.

A passerby told Bailey that he thought he was being honked at by a man in a dog costume!

But the terrier isn't the first doggy driver.

In 2012, the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) launched a media campaign designed to showcase their adoptable dogs' intelligence and lovability by teaching three of them to drive.

Monty, Porter, and Ginny each received eight weeks of training to learn to drive a specially modified canine car.

At the end of the eight weeks, the dogs were able to transfer their knowledge to successfully operate an only slightly modified Mini Cooper.

Is it time to open a doggy DMV?

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