Drunk Owner Repeatedly Hits Tiny Puppy, Kicks Her Into The Pool So She’d Drown

The Myrtle Beach Police Department recently responded to a call regarding a 15-week-old puppy being kicked into a hotel pool.

Bystanders witnessed a 23-year-old man named Dillon Lark repeatedly kicking his own puppy in an intoxicated state, while his equally intoxicated girlfriend, 20-year-old Kelsey White, watched on.

Dillon’s final kick landed the tiny pup into the pool, and she didn’t know how to swim.


Source: ABC7NY


A hotel employee saw the act of animal cruelty and quickly called the cops, while the people by the pool saved the terrified pup from drowning.

The pup didn’t seem to be in immediate distress, but she was later found to have a cracked rib.

The pup, now named Sarah, is currently recovering in Grand Strand Humane Society.

Police identified the couple with the hotel’s help, but by then the couple had escaped. Police are currently looking for Dillon on charges related to. . .  Click to continue reading this story. . .

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