[Video] This Golden Retriever retrieving her Teddy Bear out of washing machine will make your day

Do you remember back to your childhood when you had a teddy bear that you could barely live without? Perhaps, you got it as a birthday gift, and you took it everywhere you went.

It was your childhood partner-in-crime, and you shared so many special memories with it. The sweet golden retriever in the video will remind you of that.

Mom noticed that her pup’s teddy bear was getting dirty, so she decided to throw it in the washer to help clean it up. Knowing just how much her dog loved his teddy bear, Mom decided to set up a little “sting” operation.

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She placed a camera inside the washing machine to see how the dog would react. Her golden retriever searched the entire house for his beloved best friend.

The footage on the next page shows what happens when the dog finally realizes his teddy bear is in the washer. He immediately lights up, and he grabs the teddy bear from the washing machine before Mom can do anything else to it.

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