Dogs Are Being Purposely Bred To Have Muscular Dystrophy, And It’s All For Naught

Texas A&M University has a laboratory that breeds dogs to purposely have muscular dystrophy in order to attempt to learn of a way to reverse the symptoms of the disease in humans.

These horrific tests have led them nowhere, but they keep experimenting. The pain and misery continues for the poor dogs.

Source: PETA/YouTube

PETA obtained video footage of what’s actually going on behind closed doors, and it’s the most heartbreaking thing.

Dogs who carry the muscular dystrophy gene but don’t actually have the disease were seen pacing back and forth and biting at the bars of their cages.

In the meantime, their muscles are weakening and wasting away.

Source: PETA/YouTube

This sickening practice has to end, and you can help by signing the petition at the link here and urging Texas A&M University to close down the dog laboratory. Let’s help spread the word!

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