Mom Asks Dogs Who Pooped In The Kitchen, One Pup Didn’t Hesitate To Snitch On The Other

Our dogs never fail to amaze us. Whether it’s their unwavering loyalty, their incredible patience or their tenacity to understand the world around them, dogs seriously never fail to amaze us. I’ll say it again: DOGS ARE THE GREATEST. But they still surprise us. Constantly. ❤

When this mom came home and found that one of her dogs had an accident, she didn’t know who the culprit was. So she asks… “Girls, who pooped in the kitchen?” Most likely expecting big puppy eyes staring back at her. Her dogs, sitting so patiently before her, had something else in mind. Well, at least one dog did.

Like children who LOVE to tattle on each other, one of her dogs was quick to point the “finger.” She places her paw on her sister so she could take the blame. Rumor has it, it was the snitch who actually committed the heinous crime in the first place 😉 HAHA!

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