Their Paws Were Nibbled By Rats Because They Were Too Little To Fight Them Off

Seeing any animal in pain is heartwrenching. But when it’s two helpless puppies who are barely six weeks old, the heartbreak goes deeper. They’ve barely lived and they only know what it’s like to suffer.

The two puppies were found at a local market by a young woman. Their front paws appeared to have frostbite, or so she thought.

She posted their story on social media, pleading for help. She named the puppies Nick and Vita. When a local rescue group saw the post, they immediately stepped in.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs/Youtube

Upon rescue, the volunteers realized Nick and Vita’s paws were not frostbitten– they were nibbled off by rats. Their wounds were so deep that their bones were exposed.

Their pain was excruciating and they cried and cried. Their whimpers could be heard down the hall! The rescuers had to act fast to ensure that the puppies were as comfortable as possible while they came up with a treatment plan.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs/Youtube

After consulting several veterinarians, they decided that their first step was to clean the wounds out to ensure no further infection set in.

The medical volunteers removed dead tissue and then injected antibiotics straight into their paws. Of course, they were also given pain meds on a regular basis.

Source: Animal Rescue Dogs/Youtube

Their paws were wrapped and monitored constantly. The curious little puppies wanted to chew the bandages off but volunteers made. . .  >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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