They Move Thorny Bushes Filled With Spiders And See A Pair Of Eyes Staring Back

Some Good Samaritans noticed a scared homeless dog wandering by the prickly overgrowth of an old abandoned house.

They sealed the main gate to limit the dog within the property parameters, and placed a rescue call to Hope For Paws. While 2 rescuers quickly arrived at the location, the dog was too terrified to engage with anyone.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

In this video, we see the dog nervously confining himself in the edgiest corner of the property after the rescuers block all possible escape routes.

He is a shivering, teary-eyed mess encased in that mesh of broken fences, thorny branches and abandoned belongings, surrounded by spooky spiders, a network of webs and other crawling critters.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

One of the rescuers secures the dog from afar with a gentle snare, while the other climbs down the fence to win the dog’s trust.

The dog freezes upon coming face to face with the rescuer, but the rescuer makes the dog feel safe with her soothing voice and sweet assurances.

It’s a real gratifying moment when the rescuer finally gets the battered pooch to come with her!

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Considering the presence of spiders throughout the rescue, the rescuers named this brave boy “Spiderman”.

While Spiderman looked super dashing after his spa session, he needed socialization training for his skittish ways around humans and other animals.

It’s a total treat to watch him blossom into a pampered pet by the end of this video!

Click the video below to watch Spiderman’s incredible transformation after his rescue from horror land.

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