10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

German Shepherd

Anything talking about the most protective dogs would be complete without the inclusion of this breed.

German Shepherds are synonymous with all things protection and if you ask someone to picture a guard dog, odds are it's one of these.

They were used by the US military in the second World War and in Vietnam for everything from running messages, to finding hidden enemy soldiers, to guarding outposts.

Away from the battlefield, the German Shepherd often finds itself used in various police k-9 units, usually to track down or tackle suspects to the ground.

Described as being smart, confident and courageous, the German Shepherd is known for guarding areas it defines as within its boundary.

This goes all the way back to its original purpose which was as a herding dog. However, it wasn't herding in the traditional sense.

Instead of sticking close to the herd or flock, Shepherds acted as a ‘living fence' by keeping livestock in a general area – and keeping predators out.

In the home, this breed is known for being a great family dog who will stop at nothing to protect its ‘pack' and property.

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