10 Guard Dogs You Don’t Want To Mess With

Giant Schnauzer

With its long mustache, bushy eyebrows and serious looking expression, the schnauzer has rightly been used by cartoonists and animators whenever they are looking for a dog with a ton of character.

In real life, however, the schnauzer is known for being alert and loyal – two prerequisites of any good protective dog.

Actually, when it comes to the whole issue of protection, this breed could be considered the Swiss army knife of the dog world.

These gos have done a lot of different tasks over the years. They've been used to hunt rodents, herd animals and guard farms.

Away from civilian life, they've delivered messages in war and maintained law and order with the police.

Yes, the Schnauzer can pretty much do anything.

In the home, both the standard and giant variety are family favorites. Their high energy makes them great around kids.

Combined with their intelligence, however, they can be a handful if not raised properly.

That said, given their alertness, distrust of strangers and willingness to raise an alarm when someone is on their property, the Schnauzer can make a great guard dog and protector of the family.

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