10 Most Powerful Dog Breeds In The World

Carpathian Shepherd

The Carpathian Shepherd is a large sheepdog that was bred in Romania to guard livestock and keep them safe from predators.

It is thought to be an ancient breed of dog that has been around for centuries.

This dog is a big breed with full-grown males reaching 25 to 29 inches at their withers and usually weighing 70 to a hundred pounds (32 to 45 kilograms).

But there is no set weight for this dog as it greatly depends on how tall the dog is.

The temperament of this dog is a bit different than other dogs. And unlike other dog breeds in the world, the Carpathian Shepherd dog carries several unique characteristics.

This dog is bearing, fearless and courageous.

They are known for being very intelligent which is good because of their sheer size and strength. This makes perfect for guarding other animals or even people.

In fact, many breeders and trainers have given the title of ‘Battle Bear' to this animal due to its ability to protect whatever its master needs protecting.

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