10+ Photos Of Dogs Showing Off Their Adorable ‘Head-Tilting’ Skills Win The Internet’s Heart

No matter what breed of dog you own, there’s a good chance that you’ve spotted your pup tilting their head to the side, they may even do it all the time. Whilst it just seems cute to us, many studies have shown that there are reasons behind it.

Though there’s no scientific confirmation as of yet, many believe that our dogs actually tilt their heads so they can see our facial features better. Outside of the human voice, dogs mostly rely on how our mouths move in order to fully understand us. So when they are confused and can’t understand us, they will adjust their heads accordingly, usually with a tilt. Sometimes, getting a better angle on something is just the best way to understand it!

But, in all honesty, we don’t really care why they do it we just love it! So here is a collection of pups demonstrating their adorable head tilting skils, and it might just melt your heart.

#1 – Say that again…

#2 – Head tilt blep

#3 – Do I look cute now?

#4 – This is a good boy sit

#5 – Awwwww

#6 – Mom, when can we go for walkies…


#7 – Wait, I turned 2 today?


#8 – Life is all about perspective


#9 – Perfecting my head tilt, not sure how much further I can go… 🤪


#10 – She’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die


#12 – Say that again…

#13 – Duuuuuuh, say that again…


#14 – huh? 🧐




#16 – I’ve been taking selfies since the day I saw the light 😂👅🐾


#17 – Momma said G🐾’s comin over to play and I couldn’t be more stoked‼️🐶🎾



#19 – Am I a puppy or a teddy bear? 🐶🧐🧸


#20 – Beautiful blue skies, a 4 month old Rottweiler puppy


#21 – 5 months old today and fully trained in the head tilt game! 🤪🤩


#22 – What mom?! I’m training potty, duh! 😂😂🚽



#24 – Pug manipulation mode activated…I can get anything I want with this face and a few head tilts!



#26 – Did someone say…new treatos?!⁣⁣


#27 – Someone’s starting to learn her name!


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