10 times your dog said “I love you” and you totally missed it

Have you ever wondered if some simple little act has a deeper meaning that you may be missing?

An average dog knows about 165 human words, but they still have a language all their own. Your dog probably tells you they love you everyday, but it’s not by giving you a hug or a kiss.

Here are some ways that pups express affection, when you’d have no idea what was going on:


#1 They drop a ratty old toy or a dead bird at your feet.

Like an aunt that gets you the same slightly oversized Snowman sweater every Christmas, your dog loves to give you a gift– even if they don’t exactly know your tastes.


You probably assume that when your pooch plunks his favorite, well loved toy into your lap that he's looking for a play session, right? Well, sometimes he probably is, but on other occasions he may be offering you a gift.

To your dog, that smelly, ratty fox is like a brand new iPhone and he's offering to share it with your. If that doesn't say love, I don't know what does!


#2 They give you the ol’ staredown.

If you’re playing, snuggling, or talking to your dog, and they’re keeping eye contact, then this behavior might be “hugging you with their eyes.”

Add this to the list of things that are way less creepy when a dog does it. (see also: your butt, sniffing it)


You've probably heard that when a dog stares directly in your eyes it is a challenge, but it all depends on the circumstances surrounding that gaze.

If you are playing, snuggling or talking to your pup and he maintains relaxed eye contact, he is “hugging you with his eyes” says dog expert, Brian Hare.


#3 They finish dinner and burp in your face.

Ok, it’s not the burp itself– it’s the act of snuggling up right after dinner time. Because your dog’s safest, happiest place to sleep off a food coma is right there, in your arms.


Lucky for us all, burping does not equal doggy affection. However, seeking out a cozy cuddle on a full belly does.

We know that dogs are food motivated, so snuggling after meal times shows that your dog is not just buttering you up for noms. Neuroscientist, Gregory Berns discusses this behavior in his book, How Dogs Love Us.

To see more of the ten signs, you can check out the video on the next page.

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