12 Human Foods That Could Kill Your Dog

#6 – Garlic

Image Source: Flickr - Robert Benner
Image Source: Flickr – Robert Benner


Consider your dogs vampires and keep them away from raw garlic as much as possible.

What's In It:

Like the chocolate rule, the stronger the onion the more toxic it can be. Since garlic is part of the onion family it's even more dangerous to dogs than onions per ounce. Garlic contains compounds that are strong in toxicity.

What It Can Do:

While the effect of garlic consumption to red blood cells won't appear for a few days in dogs, they'l be tired and reluctant to move. The dog's urine will be orange to dark red in color. Like with onions, a blood transfusion might be required in severe cases.

Check out this article “Is Garlic Bad For Dogs?” for further discussion and details.


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  1. Every dog I have ever owned has eaten cheese as a treat, not an excessive amount but nevertheless has had cheese, none of them have suffered because of it. My eldest dog was 16 and had cheese as a treat from day one at 10 weeks old and he never suffered.

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