15 Signs Your Dog Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

You can’t stop talking about her. You show everyone you meet pictures of her. She is your pride and joy. Your pup may not be your actual flesh and blood, but you love her like she is your baby.

1.You begin to snap dozens of snoozing shots.

It starts simply enough: you begin by taking  pictures of him sleeping in hilarious places to show all your friends via social media.”He fell asleep in the laundry basket, all by himself!” #puppylove #omgsooocute #laundrybasketpuppy #lol #sillypuppy

Baby Carson

2. …Until your whole social media identity becomes your dog’s.

You begin to realize that withholding such cuteness from the world is simply a disservice, so you keep posting “awww”-inducing photos with witty captions, such as this:

“Nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnah, BAT DOG!” #ears #corgi #batdog #sooocute #ilovehimsooomuch #sleepydog #bedtime #snugglypuppy

3. When he wakes up whimpering at night, you tuck him into bed.

It just happens to be your bed. And your pillow. On your side. Aw shucks, let’s spoon!

4. You do your best to help her growing pains.

You’ve taught her to sit, fetch, and pee outside, and you’re there for her as she goes through her teething stage. Even though her puppy teeth are like razor blades, you let her use your hand as a chew toy because that fuzzy face makes you melt. She’s just a wittle baby!

my boss got a new puppy.

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