25 Photos Of Puppies That Passed Out In The Most Hilarious Positions

Putting aside the cuteness factor, puppies, just like human babies, require plenty of rest as it’s crucial for their development. Besides, being cute all day every day is exhausting work, and naptime is their chance to recharge.

A pup’s day basically consists of ‘eat-sleep-play-repeat’ cycle and it’s not uncommon to see them play like crazy and fall asleep a few minutes later. However, unlike their human counterparts, pups can pass out almost anywhere, any place, at any time and in any position — and sometimes the results are mindblowing!

Below are hilarious pics that show just how quickly a puppy can pass out in the weirdest of position, so scroll down and enjoy.

#1 – 💤😴 🐶

#2 – Power nap level corgi.

#3 – Current mood 😅🍷

#4 – All tuckered out from digging

#5 –  What year is it?

#6 – Human took too long to find me so I fell asleep.

#7 – How I feel after a night with the boys

#8 – need a quick nap before studying. 😴


#10 – Ruff night?

#11 – Is it Monday already?

#12 – Today was a ruff day. Yup.

#13 –  I believe I can fly…

#14 –  Sleepy Corgi is Sleepy. 🙊

#15 – ough Friday night Daisy? 😂


#17 – when there’s only room for one good boy in moms life 🐶🍷🐾


#19 – I’ll wake up in five minutes… If not, read this again.

#20 – No better way to spend a rainy day. ☔️ 🐾



#23 – Any plans for the long weekend?

#24 – She sleeps in the funniest positions sometimes…. 💤💤💤💤

#25 – I love my pig 💜

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