Orangutan Rolls On The Floor Laughing After Man Performs A Magic Trick For Him

Like humans, orangutans have highly developed cognitive functions, and if this video is anything to go by, they also have the most child-like reactions to magic tricks!

Source: Dan Zaleski/YouTube

This video was taken by a couple visiting the orangutans in a wildlife sanctuary.

The man is so fascinated by a friendly orangutan that he decides to show him a magic trick. The man has the orangutan’s full attention, as he begins his trick.

The man takes a cup and puts a cherry in it. The orangutan looks intrigued as the man puts a lid on the cup, and shakes it around.

The next moment, he lowers the closed cup away from the orangutan’s sight, and then brings it back up front.

Source: Dan Zaleski/YouTube

As he goes in for the big reveal, the orangutan looks very invested in the trick. You’ll have to see for yourself the precious moment when he finally realizes that there is no cherry in the cup!

He is so astounded, he tilts his head back in laughter and rolls on the ground like a child. This adorable reaction just made our day!

Click the video below to watch the orangutan laughing hysterically at the magic trick!

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