Adorable Bulldog ain’t going silent when his bed is taken! Hilarious!

Awwwwwww can't stop watching this funny video. People always say dogs are like kids, they like to play, they like to eat, they like to sleep, they like to make a mess, and most of all they DO NOT like to share!

This is yet another video to prove that sharing is not in their dictionary LOL!

Watch as the jealous Bulldog discovers and realizes his beloved bed is occupied by his friend. The adorable Bulldog definitely is not happy about it and absolutely not having it either.

The funniest part is the Bulldog's friend does not seem to care a bit about LOL.

You have to check out how the Bulldog does it, it's hilarious. And on the other hand, his friend pretends the Bulldog is invisible hahaha. This video definitely will bring you a smile. Enjoy!

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