This jealous Husky will absolutely bring a smile and make your day!

Awwwwww I absolutely love watching this video. We always say dogs are like kids, they like to play, they like to eat, they like to sleep, they like to make a mess, and most of all they DO NOT like to share!

This video absolutely has proven that saying LOL.

Watch as Holly, the Husky/Shepherd cross becomes obviously jealous every time her owner begins to pet another dog Titan, a Siberian Husky.

Holly definitely is not happy about it and insisted of 100% undivided attention.

You have to check out how Holly does it it's hilarious. And on the other hand, Titan is acting all cool about it hahaha.

This totally reminds me of my nieces when they were younger and “share” is definitely not in their dictionary LOL. This video definitely will bring a smile and make your day. Enjoy!

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