Dog Notices Baby’s Shadow And Adorably Teaches Her How To Jump

An adorable baby named Ally (Alexis) is learning how to move up and down in her jolly jumper, and she has the cutest helper to teach her how to jump.

Her dog, named Day (Dakota) jumps up and down in front of Alexis, showing her the way. Alexis smiles and laughs at her furry best friend but quickly imitates Day’s jumping.

Source: Sabrina Sauve/Youtube

Alexis is now an expert jumper thanks to Day, but Day doesn’t even know it!

Day loves shadows and is ultimately enthralled by them. When Ally is in her jumper, her shadow is on the floor. Once Day notices it, she starts jumping at the shadow as it moves.

Source: Sabrina Sauve/Youtube

While we would like to think that Day was purposely teaching Ally how to jump, it’s just her being a silly energetic and curious pup!

Nevertheless, the jumping worked and helped teach Ally how to do it herself!

Watch this sweet duo in the video below:

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