Pup Sees His Doggy Sister Struggling To Get Over Gate – Lends Her A Helping Paw

Molly the miniature Schnauzer spotted a treat in another room of her Ontario, Canada home, and the only thing in her way was a pet gate that her human put up.

But Molly wouldn’t let this gate stop her from getting to the delicious snack, and her brother Marco, who is also a mini Schnauzer, was there to help.

Source: Good Morning America/YouTube

When Marco saw Molly struggling to climb over the gate, he immediately ran by her side to lend a helping paw.

As Molly uses are hind legs to inch closer to the top of the gate, Marco leans up against her and uses his nose and front paws to help nudge her over.

Source: Good Morning America/YouTube

After a few seconds, Molly successfully get over the gate, thanks to the help from her partner-in-crime!

This hilarious ‘great escape’ was caught on video for us all to watch. These pups may be naughty, but it’s safe to say that they are clever and definitely make a good team!

Watch for yourself in the video below:

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