Video Of Baby Goats Is So Darn Cute, It’s Breaking The Internet

Baby goats are called kids, and when you watch videos of baby goats in action, you’ll see they also act like kids. Someone spliced together some of the cutest baby goat videos we’ve ever seen. In fact, the cuteness factor gets higher and higher as the clip rolls on.

Goats are climbers and jumpers, and that means they start at a young age. From box to box, watch as the video starts off with the most agile little goat jumping around.

What could possibly be more adorable than baby goats drinking from a bottle? That’s exactly what comes next in the video.

Goats who shriek and baby goats climbing aboard a bull are also a part of this montage of fun.

Not only are these goats sweet to watch, but they are smart, live about as long as a dog, and the adult goats have fun names. A female goat is a nanny or doe while the males are called a billy goat.

Take a few minutes out from your mundane day for some goat fun. It’ll be worth it– and we are not ‘kidding!’

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