Bailey The Beagle Performs Her ‘Stupid Pet Trick’, Letterman Can’t Stop Cracking Up

Bailey the Beagle has some serious skills! Her owner has clearly spent quite a bit of time working with her. And all their work paid off!

They got their fifteen minutes of fame in front of a live audience and iconic television great David Letterman.

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Bailey’s owner, Mike Bauer, is a bridge inspector in Buffalo, NY. He and Letterman spent a few minutes talking and going back and forth before Bailey got to show off.

I’m not sure what’s funnier, Letterman’s one-liners or Bauer’s deadpan answers. Letterman kept pitching jokes, to no effect.

Bauer was a straight swing-and-a-miss every time. Apparently, a sense of humor is not a requirement for bridge inspections.

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Luckily, Bailey was around to save the day…by playing dead! She seemed a little unnerved by the audience at first. It looked like she wanted to jump out of Bauer’s arms and exit stage left. Her owner held on tightly to her though, and she eventually got over her stage fright.

All it took was a simple spoken request from Bauer and BAM! Bailey flopped over, apparently lifeless. She’s flexible too. Perhaps she and Bauer do some Yoga on the side? With her head arched over his arm that way, I’d call that a true “Downward Dog” pose!

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Once Bailey got the hang of performing it was difficult to stop her. She performed the trick over and over again, delighting Letterman and the audience. Folks, it looks like a star is born!

Do you know what’s even better? She works for treats!

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