Two German Shepherds That Had Nothing But Each Other Are Looking For A Forever Home

German Shepherds are known for their remarkable intelligence and loyalty. That’s why they are often trained as K-9 Officers, Border Patrol Officers, U.S. Customs Dogs, and Military Dogs.

People love, love, love German Shepherds. So, when these two adorable pups hit the internet, everyone went bananas. But why?

Because their very obvious love for one another is relatable and serves as a reminder that dogs are highly intelligent and emotional beings.

german shepherds 2

“They’ve only ever known each other. They were found as strays at three months old and have since lived in someone’s barn.

They’re around 7 months old now and we are so hopeful that we can find someone to keep these two together. If you’re looking for a bonded pair, look no further”

– Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue/Facebook

german shepherds 1

When I first saw this photo I was immediately drawn to it. You can see that they are completely bonded. Whatever story they had before they were rescued, they were in it together.

Who knows what they have been through. But we know they were surviving.

And just as German Shepherds are loyal to their human caretakers, they are loyal to one another. Just by seeing these pictures, I can see that there is nothing they wouldn’t do for each other.

I’m sure these two beauties will not have a hard time finding a forever home. Their impactful photos bring an important reminder to all dog owners that dogs are able to experience love just as they are able to experience heartache.

We should all take great care of loving and nurturing our dogs. Just because they can’t express themselves in words, their dedication, emotions, and intelligence should never be discounted.

Treat them the way you would want to be treated.

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