He Lay Bleeding After They Used Him As Bait, Now It Was His Turn To Fight

Dogs are put on this planet for one thing: To be dogs. They’re angels on four legs (sometimes two or three!) They deserve happiness and love.

But for some people, that are all about greed, dogfighting is still a way to earn cash. How these people sleep at night is beyond us.

In dogfighting, there are fighters and there are bait dogs. This is one bait dog’s story.

A severely wounded dog, named Pacino, was found in an abandoned house in Camden, New Jersey. Animal control officers couldn’t believe he was still alive.

He was in horrific condition. The officers picked him up and rushed over to the emergency vet.

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Brittany Elder, one of the vet techs, happened to be working that same day. The animal control officers told the staff that Pacino was in bad shape as well as being aggressive. Brittany knew how to handle aggressive dogs so she was prepared.

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Brittany explains that Pacino was inside a giant crate and that he shook and cowered his wounded body into a corner. He was also skin and bones and covered in dirt.

He didn’t want to come out from the crate either. He was confused and in pain. Eventually, the officers dumped him out of the crate and the wounded dog fell onto Brittany’s lap.

Brittany stayed on the floor holding Pacino. He wasn’t aggressive, he was petrified. Brittany knew that he needed to be shown compassion and love. He likely never had been shown that before.

Source: CreepyWorld/Youtube

Brittany overheard the animal control officers talking to the veterinarian. They were sure that Pacino, because of where he was found and the condition he was in, was used as a bait dog.

They decided together that the best thing to do next was to euthanize him. His wounds would be extremely expensive to treat and his behavior could be unpredictable. But Brittany did not agree.

While the vet and officers were talking, Pacino looked up at Brittany and started to lick her face. She saw no aggression, she only saw love.

Pacino was desperate. And despite being in so much pain, he gave the one person who was kind to him a kiss.

It was then Brittany decided she would care for Pacino, physically and financially!

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Brittany spoke to the vet and told him she would take full responsibility– she just needed his help. Pacino couldn’t have stitches. His wounds were too big for that so the vet inserted nearly a dozen drains to prevent infection.

Pacino then went home with Brittany and she and her boyfriend cared for him and his wounds around the clock. He was scared of everything at first but soon learned that Brittany and her boyfriend deserved his trust. He was a very good boy and allowed them to clean his wounds.

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Each day, Pacino’s trust grew. He wasn’t used to being doted on. And he certainly wasn’t used to being cared for! He thanked Brittany and his boyfriend by taking all his medicine but there was still a long road ahead. Pacino had to recover but he also had to learn how to be a dog.

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He never lived in a home before. They could tell that immediately. They had to housebreak him, teach him how to walk on a leash, teach him what toys were… it was all new and a bit overwhelming but slowly, Pacino grew into himself.

Brittany wasn’t sure if she’d foster Pacino and then place him with a family, but as time went on, she knew she could never let him go. He was hers forever.

Source: CreepyWorld/Youtube

Brittany’s favorite memory of Pacino’s recovery is when one of her friends came over with a gift for him. It was a giant red ball that squeaked.

Even though Pacino was still in pain, when he saw a toy for the first time, he lit up like a Christmas tree. Brittany showed Pacino how to fetch and when he got the hang of it, he started to smile!

He became this goofy, adorable, clumsy pup and it was at that very moment Brittany knew she could never let him go!

Source: CreepyWorld/Youtube

It’s been a little over five years since Pacino met Brittany– and his life is pretty much perfect. His parents couldn’t be prouder and we couldn’t be happier that Pacino was rescued!

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