Dog & Duck Who Started Off On The Wrong Foot Somehow Become Inseparable Friends

Mom Pam Ishiguro was thrilled to add a flock of 7 Pekin ducks to her barn family in Orange County. Her Golden Retriever, Barclay, wasn’t too thrilled about the ducks’ arrival, but he did offer to check up on the quacking team from time to time.

Source: Beastly/Youtube

However, things took a different turn when Barclay got a taste of duck food. The goofy dog found the duck feed so tasty that he began sneaking into their barn every day to “steal” his share.

Rudy, the alpha duck, would always chase Barclay away, but the snack-loving dog kept coming back.

Soon, Pam noticed that Rudy and Barclay would spend more and more time together. While the pair started off on the wrong foot, they had somehow turned into inseparable friends over the years.

In fact, Rudy was so possessive of his doggie buddy now that he wouldn’t let any other duck get near him!

Source: Beastly/Youtube

Rudy and Barclay have a unique way of showing affection toward each other. Barclay shows his love by grooming the duck with his adorable licks, while Rudy displays his affection by petting the dog all over with his beak.

The duo has blind faith in each other and they know they’ll be safe in each other’s presence!

Source: Beastly/Youtube

Pam feels that Rudy and Barclay are like oddball outcasts in a playground, who found each other and enriched their lives with this unwavering friendship.

This cute video of their remarkable friendship is soothing like therapy. We thank Pam for sharing her joy with us!

Click the video below to watch Rudy and Barclay’s heart-warming journey of love and friendship!

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