Brock The Boxer’s Dog Logic Makes No Sense! But It’s Adorable And Hilarious!!

Does your dog love the water, but hate baths? If so, he might share a similar line of thinking to Brock the Boxer.

Some of the things our dogs do may be a bit of a mystery, but I think all we can do is laugh about it!

I will say, however, some of Brock’s logic makes sense to me, but maybe I’ve just been spending too much time with my dog, ha ha.

In Brock the Boxer dog's world, some things just don't make sense… Oh, Boxers! They are all wired the same… and it makes no sense! In either case, Brock will put a smile on your face!

See if you can understand the logic of Brock the Boxer! Does your dog act in similar ways?

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