Rocky the French Bulldog Jumps Into His Human’s Arms… You’ll FALL IN LOVE!

This video is a real winner. First off, Rocky the french bulldog puppy is adorable. Those ears are just to die for.

Second, he has such a cute little personality and it’s quite amazing to see how much trust he has in his human. I've never seen a pup do this before…it’s paw-fect!

In the beginning, the French bulldog puppy, Rocky, wasn't too thrilled of the idea of moving, much less jumping. After a little coaxing, though, he seemed to have realized jumping is a blast!

Plus, he’s great at it! Now that he's learned the skill, it'll be hard to stop him from jumping now! haha.

Watch this cute little frenchie puppy learn to jump and take the leap of faith on the next page!

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