Brave Farmers Rescue Eleven Frantic Horses From Icy Water

Not all incidents can be avoided, but horses experience tough times each winter after being trapped in frozen waters. However, horse owners can reduce their risk by taking steps to protect their horses from ice surfaces and frozen ponds. If you have water near horse, here are some tips for protecting it.

In icy areas near barns and meadows, it is advisable to use sturdy bedding. Both absorb moisture, which creates a major moisture problem on the road, but somehow it needs to generate that traction. Be aware of the areas where ice dams can form.

Be careful of drainage in areas where ice dams may form and remove ice as soon as possible. Horses increase metabolism and retain heat, especially when temperatures drop below 0° C. He also seeks shelter, reduces blood flow and cools his limbs, and begins to quiver when it is very cold.

So put a blanket on them and let the vet treat them so they can warm up from the inside. That is the content of the next video. The horses experienced a crisis and farmers were able to save 11 horses from the ice water.

Watch the video for more details and let us know what you think.

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