Old Mare Gives Birth To Miraculous Twin Foals

You know that twin pregnancies in horses are very delicate and often very dangerous. “Many species of animals routinely give birth to multiple healthy offspring from pregnancy, but horses are not designed to feed two fetuses and give birth to viable twin foals.

Double pregnancies endanger mares and both foals, and good results are rare, “says the Kentucky Horse Study. As the American Paint Horse Tiki example, mares get more complicated as they get older.

Twin foals are a very rare outbreak. In fact, only one in 10,000 will be a twin foal. Of these, only about 9 percent are running. Not only that, but the fact that Tiki was 16 when she was born made her “older mother. Now you all have an idea of ​​how rare these twins were born.

They are both two amazingly beautiful creatures that everyone wants to have around them. Her mare really seems to be proud of them.

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