Bulldog Puppy Creeps Into Dad’s Bed Each Night & Keeps Pestering Him For Kisses

Little puppies often have fragile hearts which make them constantly seek affection from their owners.

The Bulldog puppy in this video is no different, as she keeps asking her dad for non-stop kisses and cuddles every night!

The Bulldog puppy, with her adorably mushy face, creeps into Dad’s bed whenever he’s about to sleep. She makes herself comfortable beside him and slightly raises her paw to his face.

Dad understands her gesture and gives her a sweet goodnight kiss!

However, the puppy doesn’t budge from her spot. She raises her paw once again and nudges Dad until he gives her another kiss. But the puppy is still not done!

She makes Dad run on a repeated loop as she keeps coaxing him for more and more kisses and cuddles. This cutie really doesn’t know when to stop!

Dad has no problem showering his anxious little baby with as many kisses as she wants! The puppy may be a demanding girl, but it only shows that she absolutely adores her dad!

With their wrinkly faces and roly-poly bodies, Bulldogs definite make for some of the cutest dogs!

Click the video below to watch the Bulldog puppy demanding non-stop kisses from Dad! Keep your volumes up to fully enjoy it!

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