Man Tries To Free Dog Who Was Chained All His Life, But Dog Lunges Right At Him

Alex the German Shepherd was kept outside on a chain all his life because he was branded as a “killer guard dog”.

Over the years, even the dog’s owner stopped going near him because of the fear of getting bitten and mauled.

When a man learned about Alex’s perpetually chained state, he volunteered to free the dog.

As the man entered the yard where Alex was chained, the dog immediately went into fight mode. He lunged at the man and kept looking for a chance to bite him.

After an intimidating few minutes, the man lured Alex into getting inside the crate with the help of a blanket.

As the man secured Alex and drove him in his car, the dog finally felt a sense of freedom. Just 25 minutes later, he actually walked out of the crate and let his brave savior pet him for the first time!

By the next morning, the dog lost all his so-called “aggression” and only demanded hugs and cuddles from the man!

Dogs are social and affectionate creatures and chaining or isolating them only ruins their mental health. Statistics prove that chained dogs are more likely to bite and are also more vulnerable in the face of a predator attack.

We hope this video serves as a lesson to owners who insist on keeping their dogs chained 24/7.

Click the video below to watch how the daring man freed Alex and transformed him in just 24 hours!

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