Cat Brings Freezing Chipmunk Inside To Warm Up In Front Of the Fire

Cat Brings Freezing Chipmunk Inside To Warm Up In Front Of the Fire

A rescued cat decided to pay it forward and rescued a chipmunk she thought was in trouble. In an adorable TikTok video shared by @theunbrokensmile, a tiny chipmunk is seen curled up in front of a fireplace.

Nearby is Indi the cat, stretching and checking in on the little rodent. “My cat brought a chipmunk into the garage during a winter storm. This is how I found them,” writes @theunbrokensmile.

The chipmunk looks to be sleeping as Indi watches from nearby.

Needless to say @theunbrokensmile was a bit surprised to find the chipmunk cozying up in front of the fire. Even more surprising was Indi appeared to be concerned for the little creature.

“The chipmunk was sleeping at first, [and] I thought maybe something was wrong with it,” @theunbrokensmile told The Dodo. “But as I got closer, I [saw] it breathing and it slowly opened its eyes and just started at me. Some followers on social media believed he was in or going into hibernation. Either way, it looked pretty cozy.”

As for why Indi appeared to have maternal instincts towards the chipmunk, @theunbrokensmile revealed Indi was rescued from the cold herself last winter. She showed up at their home starving and needing help to survive. They adopted her and provided her with a special home in their barn (the garage with the fireplace) after she didn’t adapt well to living in their home with their other pets.

Upon discovering the chipmunk @theunbrokensmile said, “Indi walked over and checked on it and looked back at me like she wanted to make sure I [saw] it and [knew] she was a good girl.”

After waiting for the chipmunk to wake up, and seeing that it was alert and “completely fine” @theunbrokensmile went outside and put the chipmunk near the edge of the woods by their property and it scampered off, no doubt thankful for the brief warm respite from winter brought on by a very unlikely benefactor.

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