Shelter Pit Bull Has One Day Visit To Police Department, Now Is Their Full Time ‘Paw-trol Officer’

Shelter Pit Bull Has One Day Visit To Police Department, Now Is Their Full Time ‘Paw-trol Officer’

What was supposed to be a one day visit to Kentucky’s Hopkinsville Police Department has become a permanent home for a Pit Bull named Bolo. His new home also comes with a new role – Paw-trol Officer.

The department shared the news of Bolo’s adoption and swearing in ceremony in a video. The department wrote on Facebook:

“Many of you have kept up with Bolo — the pit bull mix who stole the hearts of Hopkinsville Police Department staff during a visit from the Christian County Animal Shelter. Well, on Tuesday, during the Hopkinsville City Council meeting, Bolo was officially made a part of the team and sworn in by Mayor JR Knight as HPD’s very first Paw-trol Officer! We can’t wait to follow this sweet pup’s career on the force.”

Bolo stepped up to the mayor to take his oath (“I, Bolo, do solemnly swear to support the citizens of the City of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as I serve as Paw-trol Dog”) and sign it with a paw print. Afterwards, the sweet puppy received applause and “awwws”.

Bolo first came to the department in October in what was supposed to be a weekly event to help the shelter’s dogs find a home. But plans quickly changed.

Paw-trol Officer Bolo. Hopkinsville Police Department

“So the plan was every Wednesday, we would bring one of the dogs from the shelter here at the police department, let them interact with people, give them a little bit of advertisement on Facebook, social media, and hopefully help them find a home,” HPD Police Chief Jason Newby said in a video on Facebook.

“Oddly enough, everybody fell in love with him,” Chief Newby said. “So when it came time for him to go back that day, they got him in his cage, and he kind of dropped his head and whimpered, and everybody’s heart melted, and we decided to adopt him.

And that was the start and end to #PawtrolWednesday.

Bolo with HPD Police Chief Jason Newby. Hopkinsville Police Department

“When the Hopkinsville Police Department started the #PawtrolWednesday program this week, they didn’t think it would lead to a new member of the HPD family. But then Bolo arrived and stole everyone’s hearts,” the HPD continued on Facebook. Bolo “showed up for a one-day visit and ended up finding his fur-ever home.”

Now Bolo gets regularly spoiled with treats and snacks by the staff. But he’s also begun to accompany Royale Marfil, the HPD public information officer for “Hometown Heroes storytime” to read to children at a local library.

“He’s just always happy,” Marfil said of the sweet pup. “Now, I’m not a morning person, but when I come into work, he’s happy, and that makes my day better, just to see him smiling and happy.”

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