Family’s Cat Hides In A Pile Of Toys, And People Have A Hard Time Spotting Him

A man posted a photo of the top bunk of his daughter’s bed to Reddit, and people are having a hard time finding the cat amongst all of the stuffed animal toys.

It’s the cat’s favorite place to relax, but sometimes even Dad loses sight of the kitty in there!

Marc Carney

Obi and his family often play hide-and-seek with the cat’s favorite toy, a plush hedgehog.

It’s an on-going game where the cat hides it somewhere in the house only for his humans to put it back and bury it in the giant pile of stuffed toys on the bed.

And the cat uses this as an excuse to chill for a bit! 🙂

Marc Carney

Were you able to spot Obi in the midst of it all? The picture below reveals the cat’s sneaky location!

Marc Carney

There he is! What a convenient place to sit and get away from it all. And when he feels like playing again, his little hedgehog toy is right there waiting. 🙂

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