Cat waits for breakfast alone for the first time after losing her sister: “My heart is so broken”

Cat waits for breakfast alone for the first time after losing her sister: “My heart is so broken”

The loss of a pet is a heartbreaking experience, and many pet owners have felt the deep grief that comes in those first days without them.

And the loss can also affect their pet siblings. Dogs and cats are able to recognize when their loved one is gone and can display signs of grieving.

That’s what one heartbreaking viral video shows, as a cat gets breakfast for the first time without her sister by her side 😿💔

A woman named Sarra recently said goodbye to her pet cat. The loss was heartbreaking for her — and it was even more heartbreaking to see her other cat react to the loss.

TikTok video she shared on April 21 shows the cat, named Willow, waiting for her breakfast the day after her sibling passed away. It was the first time she had to wait for her breakfast alone, and she seems to know that something isn’t right.


Willow keeps looking back, as if expecting her deceased best friend to show up for her meal.

“My heart is so broken,” Sarra wrote in the caption.

The video went viral: in just a few days, it has received nearly 5 million views. People were so moved and saddened by the cat’s reaction.

“Her looking to see if sister was coming 😭,” one comment reads. “Poor baby darling.”

“She’s usually here by this time, maybe she’s running late,” one commenter imagined Willow saying.

“Please give her lots of cuddles,” another wrote.

Others expressed sympathy and shared experiences with their own pets. This kind of sad situation is common for people who own multiple pets.

Sarra says that her other cat was 16 when she died, and “it was her time.” In another video, she shared a tribute to her late cate: “One day they’re here… the next they’re not,” she wrote. “But I know you’re somewhere over the rainbow now.”

“Rest in peace my lucky bear.”

And in a follow-up video, Sarra wrote that while she and Willow are grieving, they are going to get through it together.

“For everyone asking about Willow, she’s okay, she has me,” Sarra wrote. “And I have her. Thank you for all of the love.”


If you missed it, my other cat passed away. We’re grieving but im not concerned about my Willow girl #fyp #foryou #trend #trending #cats #viral

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For both humans and animals, it’s devastating to lose someone you were so close with. Our hearts are with Sarra and Willow during this time of grief ❤️🌈

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