Chiropractor adjusts giraffe’s neck, gets thanked in the most adorable way

Chiropractor adjusts giraffe’s neck, gets thanked in the most adorable way

Giraffes are some of the most unique and interesting animals on Earth. They’re the tallest land animal, and they also have the longest necks. Their necks alone are usually about 6 feet, taller than the average human man.

In other words, it’s a lot of work for their chiropractors!

That may sound like a joke, but it turns out giraffe chiropractor is a real job, as seen in some heartwarming viral videos.

Dr. Joren Whitley, from Edmond, Oklahoma, is a board certified chiropractor whose clients include both humans and animals.

“It’s not very common, but I had this desire to help both,” he told the Washington Post. “A human can say, ‘I have this problem — this is what hurts,’ but an animal can’t.”

Last month, he got the job of a lifetime when he was asked to help out an adult giraffe named Gerry, who was having some mobility problems.

“His jaw was not moving to the left,” Dr. Whitley says in a TikTok video. “His upper neck on the right hand side was irritated.”

Thankfully, he knew just how to treat the issue, and the video shows the chiropractor adjusting the giraffe’s neck to a better position:

The unique video went viral, generating over 20 million views on TikTok. People were fascinated — and envious — of Dr. Whitley’s profession.

“Upset that giraffe chiropractor was not an option I was ever informed about in school,” one comment reads.

“How do I get the job of giraffe chiropractor,” another wrote.

Others were touched that the giraffe seems to love all the care and attention. “I’m crying because giraffes probably love to be petted but they are so high off the ground they can’t ever get petted,” one comment reads. “And that’s why he loves this so much.”

A follow-up video shows just how grateful the giraffe was for the chiropractic care. The adorable moment shows Gerry resting his head on Whitley’s shoulder, as if nuzzling him in appreciation.


Since you guys liked seeing me work on the giraffes so much, I thought I'd give you another video! #chiropractic #chiropracticadjustment #chiropracticcare #chiropractor

♬ original sound – Dr Joren Whitley

“When I made the adjustments, he rubbed his head all over me like ‘You’re my best friend,’” Whitley told the Washington Post.

Gerry’s owner, longhorn cattle rancher Missy Nowell, said her giraffe is a very affectionate animal, likening him to a “2,500-pound dog.”

“Gerry loves everybody — he’s a dog in a very large body,” she told the Post.

Dr. Whitley offers his services to all kinds of animals — videos show him adjusting dogs, cats, and horses, as well as humans — but giraffes hold a special place for him.

“Working on a giraffe’s neck is a chiropractor’s dream,” he said. “It’s the longest neck in the world.”


My patients are just as thankful to be working with me as I am with working with them. #chiropractor #chiropractic #chiropracticcare #chiropracticwellness #giraffe

♬ original sound – Dr Joren Whitley

Anyone who has gotten treated by a chiropractor knows what a relief it can be, so we know this sweet giraffe was very grateful!

What adorable videos — please share this heartwarming story if you love animals! ❤️🦒

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